What is this?

This is art.

What is art without process?

Who is it for?

What lines can we blur?

What are the lines?

Art is symbiotic.

Art and technology are intertwining.

It is for artist.

It is for audience.

The landscape has changed.

There is no more patronage.

There is no more sure thing.

There are no more guarantees.

There are no more rules.

What we have is what we have and we have it all.

We have it all.

Why not use it?

There are no more rules.

Our reality is shifting.

It is digital.

It is augmented.

It is unknown.

It is art and artists duty to respond.

We have to work with it.

We have to work on it.

We have to work in it.

We have to work.

You’ve seen it all before and, you’ll see it all again.